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The key compound in MYODROL™ has been demonstrated in clinical research to increase testosterone while decreasing DHT and Estradiol. Rest assured, MYODROL™ has been scientifically proven be safe and effective.

• Increases Testosterone by 60%
• Reduces DHT by 20%
• Decreases Estradiol by 9%
• Clinically proven safe and effective




As pro-hormone products fade into supplement history, few options will remain for those seeking truly viable testosterone boosters. Inevitably, consumers will be left with a limited selection of mediocre or completely ineffective products.

Fortunately, Axis Labs is a forward-thinking company. Our researchers are continually peering into the future of the performance supplement industry. Long ago, we predicted the need for effective successors to pro-hormones. Therefore, Axis Labs has been engaged in an exhaustive quest for groundbreaking science in the arena of testosterone research.



Axis Labs has earned a strong reputation for developing nothing short of the most effective testosterone-boosting products on the market. However, we are never satisfied. To us, our “best” is never good enough. We perpetually strive to achieve the absolute upper limits of testosterone production. That’s whey we were astounded with the implications of the clinical research behind our next groundbreaking product.



Introducing MYODROL™ – The Advanced Testosterone Modulator. The key ingredient in MYODROL™ has been proven in clinical research to increase testosterone by 60%. Incredible, to be sure. However, there’s more to this story...much more.

The synergy of of compounds in MYODROL™ simultaneously decrease DHT and Estradiol. These “spin off” hormones typically increase in response to elevated testosterone. However, they elicit unwanted effects in the body. Two notorious examples are male pattern baldness, and increased fatty deposits around the abdominals and pecs. Simply put; by controlling DHT and Estradiol, MYODROL allows for the maximum possible benefits associated with elevated levels of testosterone.


MYODROL™ increases Testosterone by 60%

Testosterone is the king of anabolic hormones. Without adequate levels of it, men are at greater risk of experiencing decreased lean mass, reduced bone mineral density, depression and lack of energy.

When testosterone is at optimal levels, men experience greater strength, vitality, libido, mood and overall health.

Which of these scenarios works best for you?

MYODROL™ was shown in a published human clinical study to increase testosterone levels in healthy men by 60%.


MYODROL™ decreases DHT by 20%

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a “spin off” hormone associated with increased levels of testosterone. Typically, an enzyme called 5-Alpha reductase “converts” excess testosterone into this compound. However, DHT is implicated in causing male pattern baldness. Even worse, DHT is cited as a contributing factor to poor prostate health.

A powerful component of MYODROL™ inhibits the enzymatic conversion of testosterone into DHT. Bottom line; less DHT conversion for greater levels of active testosterone in the body.

However, the battle for maximum testosterone availability doesn’t end with DHT.


MYODROL™ decreases Estadiol by 9%

Testosterone must run the gauntlet through an onslaught of aromatase enzymes. These enzymes work to convert testosterone into another “spin off” hormone called estradiol.

Elevated levels of estradiol promote the much-dreaded side-effects, gynecomastia (fatty deposits around the pecs) and excess accumulation of abdominal fat.

MYODROL™ effectively counters estradiol by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme.

The end result; a greater yield of anabolic testosterone in the body with decreased conversion to estradiol.

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