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Driven Sports Activate Xtreme 120 caps

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Designer Supplements Activate Xtreme 120 caps

Activate Xtreme:  The Future of Testosterone Optimization

ActivaTe Xtreme™ represents not simply a progression but a massive evolution from its predecessor, ActivaTe™. Still harnessing the awesome power of Divanil™, ActivaTe Xtreme™ goes significantly further by providing total testosterone enhancement, adaptogenic support and estrogenic control. ActivaTe Xtreme™ is the future of testosterone optimization.  ActivaTe Xtreme™ is designed to promote testosterone release and enhance free testosterone availability, assist with libido and sex drive, improve mood, promote recovery-enhancing pathways such as ATP synthesis, and optimize estrogen metabolism. At the beginning of this article we told you that ActivaTe Xtreme™ is the future of testosterone optimization; Now that the compounds, mechanisms and pathways have been discussed all you need to do is give it a shot...then you can tell us we were right.

History’s attempt at Testosterone Enhancement
For years supplement companies have been churning out products promoted as testosterone boosters with large marketing budgets and flashy graphics in order to drill home to the masses that the product is brilliant. The fact is the majority of these companies spend more on the advertising than the research and development. In fact, a lot of companies save a lot of money by re-hashing the old ideas of the more innovative companies, or simply ripping off their newest ideas. To put it plainly, those who can, do, and those who can’t, copy.

Because of this, there are herbs ever-promoted by these companies for their newest products, and like a broken record you can guarantee they will focus on one, two or all of the following: tribulus, avena sativa and long jack (aka tongkat ali).

Tribulus has highly conflicting scientific research behind it regarding whether it does anything for impacting testosterone levels, although the older population end to note that they notice improvements in libido from it. Ultimately, very, very few users report any influence to body composition or strength levels. Avena sativa is touted as being able to increase free testosterone, and yet there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this theory. In fact, we are quite perplexed as to where this rumour came from. Finally, long jack possibly has the most potential of them all, but results seem to be quite “hit-and-miss” and it is not rare for users to report negative side effects that are attributed to it use, such as itchy nipples.

More recently, aromatase inhibitors (AI) have been released and used extensively as a means of estrogen control. They also have the secondary benefit of tricking the body into releasing more testosterone, however many users will take dosing to the extreme which inevitably has negative implications on sex drive.

The Future of Testosterone Optimization
The release of ActivaTe™ two years ago marked a change in the market for testosterone enhancement. Never before had one natural compound proven so effective, giving results across the board. That compound is Divanil™, a lignan found naturally in the root of the stinging nettle. High dose of this particular lignan had never been seen before in the industry.

And so now we earmark another revolution in the industry as we release - ActivaTe Xtreme™. Again, utilizing Divanil™, a compound tried, tested and scientifically proven to enhance free testosterone by binding to sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG), ActivaTe Xtreme™ goes those few steps further to improve upon the greatness of the original. Icariin, a flavonol found in epimedium extract is included for its testosterone mimetic properties and for its ability to promote serum testosterone levels. In addition, this compound can enhance erection strength and should work as a fantastic libido enhancer. Basella alba marks another first for the industry from Designer Supplements. Closely related to spinach, basella alba has been shown to promote testosterone production in the testes and even help increase bodyweight. The combination of the three compounds should give rise to significant elevations in testosterone, and so the natural occurring phytochemical indole-3-carbinol is included to promote healthy estrogen metabolism and counter any unwanted side effects. Finally, rhodiola rosea, the classic adaptogen is included for its effects on combating fatigue and stress, regenerating ATP reserves, and promoting physical performance and endurance.

ActivaTe Xtreme™ is the future of natural testosterone enhancement and will help lead to improvements in strength, body composition and sex drive.

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