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San 100% Casein Fusion

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Look Better. Be Stronger.

This amazing protein powder by SAN literally sets up your body to grow new muscle, shed body fat, and get stronger - all while you sleep! SAN’s R&D team has engineered a state-of the art protein powder that has 3 important properties:*

  1. Builds More Muscle – Each serving of 100% Casein Fusion Protein contains 25 grams of slow digesting, controlled dispersed protein, 5.5 grams of BCAAs – Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine – and 5 grams of Glutamine (via Glutamic Acid) in every serving.*
  2. Stays in Your System Longer – Unlike other sources of protein such as whey or soy, the Micellar casein and milk protein concentrate stays in your system longer, nourishing your muscles longer and making it ideal for nighttime use or in between meals.*
  3. High in EFAs – Low in carbohydrates, sugar and fat.

But 100% Casein Fusion Goes Beyond That

Slow Digesting

That’s a key property because the Micellar casein from 100% Casein Fusion forms a gel in your stomach that steadily releases amino acids throughout the day or night. Amino acids released by Micellar casein protein can last for up to an incredible seven hours!*

Ideal Bedtime Protein

Your body still needs amino acids throughout the night. If the amino acids are not there, it goes to the ‘warehouse’ and robs it – the warehouse known as your skeletal muscles. That’s not good. 100% Casein Fusion protects your muscle mass from being robbed of these amino acids as you sleep because it's a slow releasing protein source that preserves the muscle you've worked so hard to get.*

Prevents Muscle Breakdown

Competitive athletes and bodybuilders like you train hard to build muscle mass. 100% Casein Fusion is a terrific choice because the slow digesting protein will release amino acids all day to prevent the breakdown of muscle for up to seven hours at a time. A study coming out of Boston showed casein users had superior total fat loss results as well as higher increases in strength for the chest, shoulders, and legs than users of whey protein.*

Enhanced Body Composition

Recent studies have shown the critical role that Branched Chain Amino Acid Leucine has in enhancing body composition. 100% Casein Fusion contains an impressive 5.5 grams of highly absorbable BCAAs ideal for enhanced body composition.*

Supports Colon Health

Australian researchers investigated and found that dairy proteins such as casein were superior to supporting colon health compared with other protein sources such as meat and soy when combined alongside a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables!*

More Muscle Tissue Protection

So if all the other benefits of 100% Casein Fusion weren't enough, the addition of 5 grams of Glutamine to every serving put it over the top. Glutamine enhances recovery and protects from muscle tissue catabolism (breakdown). What's more; it can support immune system function and help improve intestinal health. Did you know that Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle tissue? Studies show that Glutamine can minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue and improve protein metabolism.*

The Best Part

Here is the best part, you're going to love the taste, and easy mixability of 100% Casein Fusion. This is not just another protein powder. It's a scientifically sound, researched, and developed product for the serious fitness athlete, crossfit enthusiast and/or bodybuilder.*

Be prepared to enjoy the fast results and motivation it gives you. Nothing motivates better than looking in the mirror and seeing improvements.*

This product is only available from SAN, the company that serious minded athletes buy as their brand for real-world results. SAN’s R&D team formulated 100% Casein Fusion to deliver the goods.

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