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USP Labs Compound-20 132 caps

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Product Description

Compound 20 is a revolutionary product introduced to the supplement industry with powerful ingredients to selectively & effectively target Beta-2 androceptors without “spillover”…


To summarize, if you can effectively activate this receptor, you can literally gain dry, lean muscle AND lose body fatat the same time!


Related receptors are located on places other than muscle & fat – so that’s why some potent Beta-2 agonists (like Clen) come with nasty, nasty side effects like extreme jitters, cramping and an overall “feel like crap” day in and day out…


It’s not the Beta-2 activation that causes these issues - it’s the spillover… Additionally, due to this spillover, previous Beta-2 activators were never able to be dosed high enough to enjoy the muscle GAIN they displayed in animal models studies, literally “wasting” potential muscle & strength gain…


WARNING: Don’t expect to be “stimmed” from Compund-20 similar to fat burners like OxyElite Pro (we know Clen is a stimulant BECAUSE of spillover to other receptors, not Beta-2 activation. Remember, we are targeting the receptor specifically and potently with Compound-20).  Also, don’t be surprised if hunger increases on Compound-20; this is a sure sign of TRUE anabolic activity and should be welcomed  with open arms as nutrients consumed – even carbs – are “flagged” by your body for muscle growth while your stored fat is burned for energy & metabolic processes – incredible Beta-2 “Best Of Both World’s” action at its finest.


How To Use Compound 20:It’s easy; take 2 capsules with breakfast and another 2 capsules 6-8 hours later with a meal or snack. If possible, time one dose to be with your pre-workout meal or snack within 3 hours or working out. This isn’t mandatory, but can increase results.

When To Use Compound 20:Compound 20 has a wide variety of applications:


Lean Bulk – This is the most obvious as this user is already tailoring his diet, training & supplementation to “gain lean mass + get ripped”. It goes without saying that Compound 20 is mandatory in this situation


                        Cutting – It goes without saying anyone who begins cutting would give anything to keep all of their muscle while losing fat. Compound 20 stacked with any fat burner (OxyElite Pro and Compound 20 is simply unbeatable) can have you leaner, harder and stronger than you’ve ever imagined on a cut…possibly GAINING while reviling those striations. Imagine being pumped all day on a low carbohydrate diet!


Dirty Bulk – If you indulge in fast food & pizza more than you care to admit, you may want to pay attention…No one wants to gain fat, even on a dirty bulk. Taking Compound 20 will not only help with your bulk, but can also keep you in check so you look better during the bulk - so you won’t have as far to go to be beach-ready.

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